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Electronics Design Services

LK Electronic Engineering specialises in custom electronics design (hardware design) and embedded software development (microcontroller firmware development).
These can be microcontroller or FPGA based stand-alone single Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assemblies or larger electronic systems comprising of multiple PCB assemblies.

Whether it is a new product development from concept right to production, a proof-of-concept prototype development, design review and improvements to an existing product or supplementing efforts of an in-house R & D team LK Electronic Engineering can help.

FPGA circuit design
Microcontroller circuit board design What We Offer
Value For Your Budget - The total cost of a product development largely depends on the number of prototype iterations required to achieve its desired design features, performance and standards compliance. Our experience, great attention to details and ability to think ahead allow us to minimise the number of design iterations.
Attention To Your Needs At larger electronic design houses engineers work on multiple projects at a time constantly juggling their priorities. Your project may not always be of the highest priority. Different design engineers may be assigned to work on your project at different times. LK Electronic Engineering will work on your project only providing you with our undivided attention.
Timely Delivery LK Electronic Engineering commits to as much work as we can deliver and can guarantee your project will be completed on-time.

Please contact LK Electronic Engineering on 0418 118 975 to discuss your electronics design needs.