LKEE LK Electronic Engineering Pty Ltd
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Services Provided by LK Electronic Engineering Pty Ltd

LK Electronic Engineering Pty Ltd provides comprehensive electronic product development services that include the product requirements specification, schematic capture, PCB design, microcontroller embedded software or FPGA code development, design verification and EMC compliance testing right through to the manufacturing test jigs development.

We can also develop a Graphic User Interface (GUI) software for a PC to control/monitor the performance of your product if desired by its application.

Embedded system design

Electronic Hardware Design


Embedded Software Development

LK Electronic Engineering can design a custom electronic hardware to your specification. These could be boards based on various microcontrollers or Xilinx FPGAs. We use Altium Designer for schematic capture and PCB layout.  LK Electronic Engineering provides complete product development services including the designed boards microcontroller embedded software development in C or in assembler when required.

FPGA Programming


Automated Test Equipment Development

If your hardware is FPGA based LK Electronic Engineering can develop the FPGA VHDL or Verilog code. Or develop the FPGA code IP blocks according to your specification.  Automated test equipment (test jigs) can significantly reduce time required to test your PCB assemblies and hence reduce your product manufacturing cost. LK Electronic Engineering can develop suitable manufacturing test solutions for your benefit.

Third Party Designs Review


EMC Compliance Consulting

If you are having problems with a product designed by a third party LK Electronic Engineering could help. We can perform the product design review and advise you on possible ways to improve the product performance or to reduce its manufacturing cost.  Is your new product failing EMC compliance testing? LK Electronic Engineering could review the results and advice you on possible solutions to enable your product to pass the compliance tests.

Please contact LK Electronic Engineering on 0418 118 975 to discuss your electronics design needs.